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All you have to do is click your username and go to "topics" then delete emI dunno, its not hard to navigate sufu, but it always makes me feel like its messy. Its a drag also trying to find a good fit, its not like sf and sz where lots of good fits come in a row. You gotta search longer and harder, imo. I also dislike the culture there, the fact that they have a worst fits thread and shit, and other inane crap for people in a well formed clique to mock others. The...
im dying bows
agreed, but i dunno, the whole site feels really cluttered, kinda like this site presently.
i have this weird enjoyment behind the hunt for clothes. I hate stores because I hate to be "sold" on stuff when i already know what I want. I enjoy looking through auction pages and sites where I can't even decipher the language just to hopefully find some item at a decent price. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction from that, or maybe im just an addict Plus, I've rarely regretted by used purchases since I don't lose a shitload of money from them. I beat myself...
I would never buy something to 'support" the american worker, that's some near xenophobic bullshit that has no economic basis to it. It's a stupid populist sentiment. However, fuck Wal-Mart....
USA USA USA I buy made in japon
DOO IT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoqDYcCDOTg
i need some derbs in my life
what are some good blue jeans choices besides dior that have long inseams, like 110 cm +, prefer shit that isnt stupid expensive like $200ish
shit, i checked out all the major stores for RRL in NYC and lets just say the peeps working/visiting there weren't exactly the poster boys of masculinity so get over yourself.
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