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I have..they like clothes too, especially since its quite cold.
Just because you can find something "similar" for whatever thats worth, doesn't mean its anywhere near the same thing. I can't afford CCP and nor do I like it, but you pay for a pretty unique garment that you don't get from crappy alternatives that borrow from his designs. If you want a certain look, settling for lesser versions of it seems like a waste.. Many fetishize over his stuff at times, but I feel some should actually handle his stuff before talking about it.
sold all my rick leathers, damn
nah its good to be one
thanks havent heard of him, kinda ignored rap, his shits ill so far.
mikey nice fit, birks suit you well
stop wearing that shit prada
asap rocky is the closest thing to 90s rap imo
the neg rep shit is dumb, I got neg rep bombed once by some redneck dudes, and then I got pos bombed by people who liked my fit on other sites, its exactly why I quit sufu cuz its so fail it has too many plebe retards whos knowledge doesnt go past supreme (that's not to say that is the general populace but it has a lot of em). Whole system revolves around popularity contests and shit, I don't even know how I have such a high ass rep honestly...
ya i cant find shit on sufu lately that I know I saw a day or two before cuz of threads flying up and down every 5 secs
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