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fuck why is there a thread for this I get you like this but I can't look past the fact that what predated this stuff was so much better. I mean who buys this? fat rich guys?
not really I was done with fashion for a good long time, but I got tired of wearing boring plain clothes so I actually bought some the soloist and engineered garments recently, but I won't be going as hard as I use to. I'm still into it, at least from an observers side, but not as heavy on the consumption anymore, if at all.
good shitamen, thats why i sold all my leathers. I think its retarded when I see a rick biker leather paired with random polos and generic white shoes.
yah damn, thats cray
I have..they like clothes too, especially since its quite cold.
Just because you can find something "similar" for whatever thats worth, doesn't mean its anywhere near the same thing. I can't afford CCP and nor do I like it, but you pay for a pretty unique garment that you don't get from crappy alternatives that borrow from his designs. If you want a certain look, settling for lesser versions of it seems like a waste.. Many fetishize over his stuff at times, but I feel some should actually handle his stuff before talking about it.
sold all my rick leathers, damn
nah its good to be one
thanks havent heard of him, kinda ignored rap, his shits ill so far.
mikey nice fit, birks suit you well
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