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near mint, fit nicer than a pair of rick owens because they won't look like you shit yourself and have a less severe dropcrotch. Size is Medium, 100% cotton Pms will be ignored, email at zealouz1@gmail.com
fits everything from a 30-32 waist, 3/4 cut. Fabric has a nice texture to it and works wonders in all seasons, despite being light its quite warm. dont PM, email me at zealouz1@gmail.com
Jacket is from the season crust fw09. Known as one of the best collections by Rick Owens. condition is 8/10, It's the heaviest calf leather, and highest quality you'd expect from him. It is superior to anything you can buy from him from recent seasons. fits a 44-46 measurements are 41 cm shoulder, 47-48cm pit to pit email me at zealouz1@gmail.com to purchase, PMs will be ignored.
Item is from the mens collection from SS12, it is in superb condition, no holes or tears. Size is Small, and can be worn loose or fitted, 41 cm shoulder, 48-49cm pit to pit. do not private message me (I won't read it) email me at zealouz1@gmail.com
they are dope, but not worth the extra change instead of buying regular chucks
fuck why is there a thread for this I get you like this but I can't look past the fact that what predated this stuff was so much better. I mean who buys this? fat rich guys?
not really I was done with fashion for a good long time, but I got tired of wearing boring plain clothes so I actually bought some the soloist and engineered garments recently, but I won't be going as hard as I use to. I'm still into it, at least from an observers side, but not as heavy on the consumption anymore, if at all.
good shitamen, thats why i sold all my leathers. I think its retarded when I see a rick biker leather paired with random polos and generic white shoes.
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