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wut up foo
you actually expected people on a site called styleforum to be up in arms about your way of thinking, lol. You can look good easily, but if you're trying to be distinct in your attire it certainly won't be effortless. I mean cmon, when you're sitting on the subway and you see some dudes happy socks showing.."effortless" is not what comes to mind.
emaciated swag
I bet he'd get more ass than you, though. I will say the fit is too sz generic, and everything looks too new. Also, beanie needs to go. So does the ninja hand shit. Just wear the shirt normally without thumbholes, pls.
yah, but most people are here cuz they wanna hide their skinnyfat.
bump, price drop -$50
Size is 42 or whatever fits US9. Condition is pretty good, only has some wear on the bottom sole area, and some on the side. Pics show that sufficiently. I can't promise the box with the shoes unless you had $30 to total. thanks please don't PM, (i wont answer), email at
email me at to buy, im not answering PMs. item in perfect condition, used a bit, but no signs of wear. Brand is needles but i bought it in Engineered Garments store in NYC, k.
barely used, doesn't fit me anymore. Its a small, please contact through email exact same as this, but a nicer color, imo of course.
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