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nerazzurri is definitely a scammer. Claims to have sent items, but never received a thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Kite Did anyone else not receive their items? Nerassurri won't return my messages, even though he has posted on SF after I sent them. Seem's pretty sketchy... Pretty sure he's scamming. He did the same to me.
I can't say how awesome Scott (unlucky) is. I commissioned him on this camera bag: The inside is lined with a dark leather. Feels great, should hold my lenses/point and shoot well.
I could try to replicate it lol, but Scott took that picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 ^ very nice -- which leather is that? I think its horsehide? Scott can chime in if I'm wrong. Here's a reference for what it looked like originally.
In memory of the original thread name… My belt from Unlucky, just added LP. Got mid-August 2010. now: then:
Quote: Originally Posted by +Shake haha you fools need to reconsider your life choices if this is how you spend you Saturday nights.. Electrical and Computer Engineering major at Purdue West Lafeyette. If you guys had a degree or any wealth you probably would not be spending your time online posting in this thread. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you lol 2:24 AM...
I'm looking to upgrade, and I want to make back somewhat what I paid for my Spin about 7 months ago. Used for maybe 8 hours of bedroom DJing, and about 4 hours in my living room. Basically new; USB cable, mic, and original box with manuals included. Uploaded with Uploaded with More pics on request; verified PayPal address only; gift payment preferred
These are also being sold on eBay, just want to confirm that this sale and that sale are the same. Interested in Sizing as well.
Those Sugar Canes are ridiculous priced.
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