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Hi, Bought the Loake Aldwych in dark brown suede and am very disappointed by the last. Does anyone have recommendation on nice suede oxfords or half brogues. I came across the Alfred Sargent Herrick, but I'm not so sure about sizing. Then there is the Connaught from C&J (but slightly too bulky for me), and the Hallam (slightly too pointy). The Belgrav is in Polo Suede is nice, but since I already bought the matching belt, I'm looking for dark brown suede. Can anyone help...
Hey guys, Just found some more pics of the Suede DubMonk (in think on the Hiro Last). It's crazy the one day I love the last, the other (or when I see top down pics from the oxford) I hate it, because it's not pointy enough... on his blog are more pics of him wearing the dub monks:
Hi. Me too, seriously considering to buy. How does the Hiro Last compare to the 348 last C&J and the City II from John Lobb? I really like these lasts and was looking for something comparable. Something in the between a straight conservative (I'm thinking of the HIro Last) and a very modern (New Rey) Last. Would anyone suggest going with the Olfe Last?
PM sent.
Hi! If anyone has Men's Ex Magazine and would be ready to ship them to Europe, I would be glad to chat to them!
Hi, I looking for a few issues of Men's Ex. If you have any and are ready to sell and ship them (Europe) please let me know. It's almost impossible to get the mags here. Thanks
Perhaps you should try to blow dry them. Could help to work with a little of bee wax...
Read it regularly. Its just awesome!
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