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Anyone using a facial sunless tanner (lotion, cream, wipes, etc) that they're happy with? Ideally I'd like to find something that doesn't cause any streaking or have an awful smell to it or cause skin breakouts. Please post the name of the product you like and how often you're using it.
Tried doing the water only method. That didnt work out too well after a couple months, especially in warmer weather. Hence the need for a product, that actually works well.
Curious what product you guys are using with good results? Also include your skin type for reference.
Used to use a Sonicare before, changed to an Oral B Triumph and find it much better IMO. Its worth the investment either way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Dont be a sissy. Use unnatural skincare products. Don't be a tool. Consider natural products.
Quote: Originally Posted by Karenh34 There are so many hair products on the market claiming to grow long hair. I have been using free Matthew Gardson method for about a year now after an german friend told me to try it as she has been using it her whole life.. she has beautiful thick hair What exactly is the Matthew Gardson method?? Where can I find more info on it? (came across a website that's asking for $25 to download an ebook - is that...
Anyone prefer to use natural or organic skin care products? What products are you using that you like and what's your skin type?
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks What should I use to wash my face? I'm looking for a new skin cleanser as well. I have combo, sensitive skin. Suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Mentioning Burberry London got me thinking - I've noticed they've taken London out of a lot of places I've picked it up (Nordstrom, during my wife's Sephora visits, etc...) and had heard from a few clerks that the line had been discontinued. Anyone confirm or deny? I hope that ain't the case. I like this fragrance.
What is your favorite pair of jeans that you own? Please include brand and style of jean.
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