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I like rye. Can you give any more details about this? I don't see a MTM option on their website. How does it work?
Yes, that would work fine. You can also check ebay for higher quality used shoes in your size.
I'm talking about formal coats. I've seen some with rayon, but some are polyester. Is it at all breathable? Is it easy to switch out the lining for something else? How much might a tailor charge to do this?
I keep coming across winter coats with polyester linings. Some of them are from quite respectable labels and are otherwise well-constructed. What should I think of these? Will they be breathable? The standard answer is "polyesters have come a long way since the 70's but still aren't as good as natural fibers." I don't own any polyester-lined clothes, so that doesn't really help me. So a few questions: 1) Does anyone have one of these coats? How well does it...
I'm looking for a casual coat to wear on cool weekends and evenings. It will typically be worn with denim, chinos, simple dress shirts, sweaters, etc -- nothing too formal. I want something that isn't too sporty. I'd also like something that I won't get sick of next season. I'm thinking a peacoat, but do you guys have any other suggestions?
Can I get a recommendation for a <$100 (the cheaper the better, obviously) pair of non-raw jeans for my measurements? I've never had raw denim, but I don't like the idea of dye getting all over my shoes, wallet, socks, shirt, etc. 29" waist 21.25" thigh 35" hips I'd like something relatively slim, but not tight. I almost like Levi's 501s in a 29, but they have some extra fabric in the crotch area that just looks kind of weird. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
Try wrapping them tightly in parchment paper. Or wrap them in paper towel and put inside a tupperware.
I wonder if getting the waist let out 1/2"-3/4" might let me wear them an inch lower and thus correct a lot of the issues raised in this thread. Thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX The Pants look fine in the front and side, but the backside picture looks too tight. Maybe it is because you are twisting to take the picture but it looks like it is riding up like a thong. I think the pants is too slim if it is like that even when you stand normally. Thanks for the input. I'll make sure to check for that.
I am indeed aware that they are unhemmed. arc got it right, just trying to decide whether to keep them.
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