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Someone asked this before but it was never answered. What's the ETA on the rivet chino restock? Thanks!
Will the official online store offer a winter sale?
Has anyone returned an item (with DDP) to an EU retailer to only have them issue a partial refund (subtracting the cost of the DDP)?
I have a new pair of Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment jodhpurs pants for sale. They have only been tried on. The waist is tighter than I prefer so I am selling them. They were purchased, via proxy, from the official Attachment e-store; retail price is approximately $242 (or ¥25,920; not including proxy and shipping fees). Model: Jodhpurs Pants Style: KP42-095 Season: FW14 Color: Black Size: 2 Fabric: 56% cotton, 38% nylon, 6% polyurethane (the fabric is thick and sturdy,...
How are their belts and long sleeve t-shirts? Edit: Does their online shop ever restock items?
Do you remember checking out the wool/poly pants (KP42-068)? I'm trying to decide between them, the cotton/nylon ones (KP42-095), and the wool/cash ones (KP42-038). I'd prefer the pair with less sheen/more matte finish and that's heavier/thicker, but could still be worn on a warm spring day. I hope you can help.
Thanks! So I guess a small would be a 48? How's the glass ice lamb? not any good?
How often is the high or mid collar Intarsia released in some sort of black leather? It doesn't look like one was released for SS14 or will be released for AW14?
Hey Mike... I need to take in/taper the thighs of my Walts. How competent is the Stanton Tailor Shop for this type of alteration? Thanks!
Will there be a restock on the navy and grey hopsacks? I'm a size 30 and would like to avoid paying the $20 surcharge on a MTO pair. Two pairs and taxes make quite a difference.
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