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Hey Mike. I asked this several days ago, but what's the ETA for trousers from the July EFF event?
Mike, any updates on the trousers from the July EFF?
Brad, is the KB52-054 leather jacket only available through pre-order?
AH One Shoes has a 10% off promo for all G&Gs, including MTOs.
Someone asked this before but it was never answered. What's the ETA on the rivet chino restock? Thanks!
Will the official online store offer a winter sale?
Has anyone returned an item (with DDP) to an EU retailer to only have them issue a partial refund (subtracting the cost of the DDP)?
I have a new pair of Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment jodhpurs pants for sale. They have only been tried on. The waist is tighter than I prefer so I am selling them. They were purchased, via proxy, from the official Attachment e-store; retail price is approximately $242 (or ¥25,920; not including proxy and shipping fees). Model: Jodhpurs Pants Style: KP42-095 Season: FW14 Color: Black Size: 2 Fabric: 56% cotton, 38% nylon, 6% polyurethane (the fabric is thick and sturdy,...
How are their belts and long sleeve t-shirts? Edit: Does their online shop ever restock items?
Do you remember checking out the wool/poly pants (KP42-068)? I'm trying to decide between them, the cotton/nylon ones (KP42-095), and the wool/cash ones (KP42-038). I'd prefer the pair with less sheen/more matte finish and that's heavier/thicker, but could still be worn on a warm spring day. I hope you can help.
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