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Has anyone from the U.S. purchased directly from G&G? They ship via UPS so I'm wondering if custom/brokerage fees are included or have to be paid on top separately? Thanks!
Does the Japanese online store ever restock sizes?
I have a new Temple of Jawnz (TOJ) CWU-45 flight jacket for sale. It is unworn and only have been tried on. Model: CWU-45/P Flight Jacket (more information here) Color: Black Leather Type: Lamb Size: ~46 Options: (1) Ribbed collar, (2) Half-length V-quilted placket flap, (3) Suede name tag Additional pictures can be found in the TOJ Gallery. Self Measurements Shoulder: 16.5" (from front) P2P: 20.25" Sleeve: 24.25" (using TOJ guide) Back: 23.25" Specified measurements...
How is this season's Chesterfield?
Hey Mike. I asked this several days ago, but what's the ETA for trousers from the July EFF event?
Mike, any updates on the trousers from the July EFF?
Brad, is the KB52-054 leather jacket only available through pre-order?
AH One Shoes has a 10% off promo for all G&Gs, including MTOs.
Someone asked this before but it was never answered. What's the ETA on the rivet chino restock? Thanks!
Will the official online store offer a winter sale?
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