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Are the Eidos MTO FJs available in S and L lengths?
What's the starting price for MTM Rota's? I'm eyeing those higher-rise fawn flannels.
Will there be any restocks for the new higher-rise Rota's?
How does the quilted lining affect the thickness of the Chesterfield? Should one adjust (i.e., increase) measurements to accommodate this lining? Also, how much will it help with keeping warm? Thanks!
Mike, any EFF in the pipeline for FW jackets?
I read the close-up swatches are a lot lighter than in real life, but doesn't the beige donegal look more gray than biege? The yellow tints are hardly discernable. Is the color a lot closer to the brown tonal herringbone offering whose image is included in the item's preorder page?
@Mike Do EFF jackets, with unfinished sleeves, come with only buttons and not thread?
Thanks! E-mail has been sent to
I'm part of the Founders Circle but never got the e-mail. Can someone from NMWA please help? Thanks!
Need Supply collects NYS tax?
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