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@Mike Do EFF jackets, with unfinished sleeves, come with only buttons and not thread?
Thanks! E-mail has been sent to customer@nomanwalksalone.com.
I'm part of the Founders Circle but never got the e-mail. Can someone from NMWA please help? Thanks!
Need Supply collects NYS tax?
@NickPollica Are there any retailers besides Bloomingdale's that stock jackets in 46S?
Mike... Quick question about construction of the trousers. There are plastic/transparent threads that hold the top of the back pocket and waistband together. I assume these are removable for waist/seat alterations? If so, can these be left off after alteration or should they replaced? Thanks!
Just purchased my very first pair of Rota's. Looking forward to receiving them and hoping they fit well.
@NickPollica Are there any retailers that stock 46S jackets besides Bloomingdales?
As indicated in an e-mail with Ecole, the $50 credit isn't supposed to apply towards promotional (sales) items. Also, the return policy is 28 days.
Went to Bloomingdale's, but Marc just got off the clock when I got there so I wasn't able to speak with him. However, the selection on the racks was definitely smaller than what's shown in the pictures above.
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