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Quote: Originally Posted by SDES I followed the advice on Revolve and bought M instead of S - not satisfied with the fit, but it's not huge on me. I wanna sell it... How's the fit - too big?
Agreed - if only I could afford the real thing.
Good plan - thanks.
Anybody know how the Shades of Greige baseball jackets (or outerwear in general) fit? There's one in the Topman sale for 30 quid, only XS left, and apparently they run small (according to Revolver). I'm slim, 5'9", 60kg - any chance I could squeeze into it?
This jacket is on sale at Topman at the moment, and I want it. Unfortunately there's only XS left, and I've heard SoG stuff fits pretty small. I'm also pretty small myself (5'9", 60kg, approx. 36 chest) but am worried that this might be the only jacket on earth that is actually too small for me. I'd usually just buy it then return if it didn't fit, but I'm in Australia and it's probably not worth the cost to do it in this case. Has anyone tried one of these on,...
on the topic of the beeswax - from someone who's had a pair for a while, how much do they stretch out, and how much wear does it usually take? finally got a pair online, but stupidly ordered the US size thinking it was UK, so they're a full size too small (rather than just a half size as recommended). can't decide whether to keep them or not; on one hand they are disgustingly nice to look at, but they are ruining my little toes something fierce. any ideas?
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