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I'm skeptical of cotton, but I couldn't resist the $38 deal on cotton "crossover" suits at the Jos. A. Bank outlet in Hagerstown, Md., so I got one in light khaki and one in an olive tending toward brown. I'm paying a lot more than that to hem the pants and correct a pretty bad neck-bunching, but I like the way the suits are fitting. They're side-vented and, by JAB standards, slim-cut.
I recently saw an ad from the Prime Rib in D.C. promoting its new jacket-not-required policy. It's kind of sad.
"Walnut" (baby-poop) shoes.
The thing I thought was most at odds with what I've read here was the enthusiastic endorsement of orphaned suit jackets.
A fellow newbie's perspective: I've long admired the brand. For many years, my go-to suit was sort of a waffle-textured green one from Jos. A. Bank. Not olive, not kelly, just a really nice tasteful green. Hard to explain. And I had a co-worker who wore sport jackets most every day, and they tended to be (a) very nice and (b) from Jos. A. Bank. So when I lost 45 pounds and set out to build a new wardrobe and started lurking here, I signed up for the JAB e-mail list and...
I'm pretty pleased with this find, $19.88 at the Goodwill on Columbia Pike in Arlington, Va. The fit seems uncanny -- I honestly can't think of a measurement that I'd change -- but I'm open to any advice before I start using this as a template for sending measurements to Thick as Thieves or something. (Maybe the sleeves are a teensy bit long, but the lack of shirt-cuff exposure is mainly a flaw in the shirt, whose too-long cuffs I folded over.) I'm also curious to learn...
Oh, my God. I was extremely skeptical, and I cannot believe this works so well.
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