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What do you guys recommend for my Walnut Flatirons if I want to keep the walnut color long-term? With my black Fifth Aves I semi-regularly use kiwi black carnuba shoe polish with no complaints. Any similar products I should get for the walnuts?
They're not. They're attracted to his wallet and fame.
From Peter Jackson's FB, bolded is the relevant part
Contrary to many here, I loved the film. I enjoyed Smaug, but if anything was drawn out it was the Smaug scene. The fight scene was insanely boring. But, Bilbo's conversation with Smaug was almost as enjoyable as Gandalf in Dol Guldur. The barrel scene was pure fun.
Srs question: I absolutely fucking hate benching / upperbody in general. What are your guys' routines? I've started doing superset circuits to at least get it over with quickly, which I enjoy right now, but they are brutal.
As someone who recently got engaged: Attendant's gifts? This is a thing? Never encountered one at any weddings I've been to, and it screams of "I came to your wedding! I don't get anything?!!!"Stop eating shitty food. There are plenty of herbs, spices, etc. that can be used to make food taste better. I don't eat vegan food (I'm vegetarian), but it grates me when people see shitty meals with little flavor and extrapolate that to all foods in that category. Or of course, the...
Actually yes.
The Bilbo-Smaug scene is, most definitely, in this movie.
Of all the stupid shit in this post, this one might actually take the cake.
I read somewhere that when Lucas was planning out Star Wars, he envisioned three trilogies taking place in three generations. Generation 1: Anakin becoming an adult (SW 1-3) Generation 2: Luke becoming an adult (SW 4-6) Generation 3: Luke's kids becoming adults (SW 7-9)
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