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What's the back story?
Quote: Originally Posted by unknown00 price limit i'm hoping is no more than $500 for 2 + Quote: Originally Posted by unknown00 I'm looking for some badass customer service = Error, does not compute
So is essentially U last = narrower and F = wider at the front?
Take a picture of you actually wearing it. How it fits is more important than what you're wearing.
Please tell me you're a 36r with a larger waist. The latter would be more appropriate for interviews but you already have a dark charcoal suit...Both would work fine for work environments.
To be fair, Ed Hardy people typically are folks who KNOW they aren't stylish and are making an (albeit poor) attempt to be relevant and covering it up with false confidence. Whats worse than Ed Hardy are guys who wear polo shirts with the collar up. Those guys seriously think they are fashion gurus and walk with their noses up in their Tom Ford lookalike aviators.
Such awesome suits...just a hair off my size...arrgh!
Worst cast scenario: try Acupuncture. I had severe lower back pain, tried chiro, tried kinesiologist, nothing worked. On top of that, I hated needles. Eventually I was just like "eff that, I'll try anything" and ended up trying acupuncture which reduced the pain by about 50% just on the first session. I came back every day (ended up costing quite a bit) for a month and now my back's almost back to normal.
http://cgi.ebay.com/Di-Mella-Napoli-...-/300454789041 Is there a SF markup?
Might wanna update the info.
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