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Chalk me up for another RLBL Anthony Wool Gabardine Suit in 38s Navy/Charcoal. We should form a team to keep each other posted. By the way, how tall are you guys who wear the 38r? I'm 5'8.5, 155 lbs and 38r seemed a little long.
If you can afford $300 shoes, I just picked up Santoni Fatte a Manos from, which also has a lot of Sutors. Even better if you live in LA because the owner lets you check the inventory out in the warehouse. Super cool guy and his business model is to sell everything he gets at 60% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Given that the OP said he only wants to wear this once every now and again, a fused suit would do more than satisfy his needs and requirements. If he can find one for a discounted/sale price somewhere, it's an amazing steal for what is, at the end of the day, still a good suit. While I agree with this sentiment, the OP did mention a budget of $500 is affordable which means he can afford non-fused suits on...
Tip 1: Don't get advice from sales associates. Tip 2: Get all your advice from using the search feature on this website. There's a plethora of knowledge of suit brands, quality and price points. Tip 3: Also do some searching on shoes. Lotsa great threads. Tip 4: Filtering threads by rating gets you some good reading material too. I use to be a Hugo Boss fan but I would recommend you steer away from it. If you don't know the difference between fused suits and...
I'd like to personally thank SF members here for help turn me away from buying a $300 pair of Hugo Boss shoes just in time and replacing them with Santoni Fatte a Manos from Ian. Here are my new staples: Brown Derbys Black Oxfords
That is hideous. It makes you feel like you want to punch the guy's face strangely.
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