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Quote: Originally Posted by junior varsity i most likely wont be ever employed in an environment that requires a suit and tie everyday... so the suit is basically for job interviews and on demand situations like going to cocktail events or parties/clubs etc... should be versatile and stylish at the same time (is that a possibility?) No. Interview suits should not really be stylish. It should be conservative. Your cocktail suit is going...
I am no suit connoisseur but scouring the forums have yielded little support for D&G, Versace and other designers that movie stars gravitate towards. With your budget, should look at $1600-2000 level products and wait for them to go on sale.
Have you tried looking at Brooks Brothers outlets? I am sure you can find something in your budget and get it tailored for your body since I'm guessing you like the cuts CM and Express offer. Also, I'd echo the sentiment for black suits for interviews. Dark grey or navy tends to illicit more favorable opinions from the interviewer (or at least no negative opinions). To respectfully plagiarize what another member on this forum had mentioned on some other thread,...
If your budget is > $100 for shoes, you have better options available if you're willing to bargain hunt.
Yes. Anything that fits perfectly and is planned to be used frequently, I have no problems buying a backup for.
If you had posted this on street wear, then I'd say the first pair is pretty nice. For dressier occasions, this is absolutely bad news.
BMW, IBM and Prescott Bush (George Bush's grandfather) also had Nazi ties.
New. Solid pattern or light glen plaid. Not too thick. Jacket Shoulders: 17.5" Length: 29" Sleeves: 24" Pants Waist: 32" Flat front.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter no offense, but WTF is up with the blind leading the blind here? If your post count is less then 10, I'm not saying you're unqualified, but maybe you should just wait this one out and learn something from a few of the more senior members who've been around a few years. See first post.
Quote: Originally Posted by gaseousclay but, to the layman, a fused or canvas/half-canvas suit means absolutely nothing. I personally have nothing against HB suits and I feel all of this anti-HB nonsense is simply a case of the SF herd mentality. granted, I would never pay full retail price for one but I certainly don't think they make bad suits, especially when put alongside other OTR brands like CK, DKNY, Joseph Abboud or RL. if the OP has a Last Call,...
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