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Wish this was available 2 weeks ago! So very, very nice...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 my IM with conne: honestly, it's your choice to be a small time democrat campaign whore. suck it up I thought this was a joke but if you're actually part of a political campaign, the work hours during that stretch is what's expected normally. Did you get into this job not knowing that would happen?
Please....guys on this forum don't go on restaurant dates, they go on shopping dates.
OP, you NEED to write this shit up to MTV and have them start a show for this d-bag. Jersey Shore ain't got nothing on this guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw The shoes look legit, but IMO - $700 for those is way too much anyway. If you check B&S here regularly you can find new one's for that price. Thanks. That was what I was thinking too.
If time's not a concern, I'd actually start looking on B&S first. Some killer deals show up here every now and then. Ian@Shopthefinest carries some good shoes with good discounts as well.
The guy needs a website.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower You've posted here before...hmm BTW, the cut is called the Dikinme. Tell the stylist you want a Dikinme. +1 This is a real popular style with the ladies.
whusurdadi, I really should be hating you for teasing me with these awesome suits that are always one size too big!! The grey and navy Isaia....
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