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New staple ties
Any other shoe makers have that type of antiqued finish?
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme The model does not not appeal to me. ... It just does not strike me as the most promising business model. Just to clarify: We understand that the business doesn't cater to your demographic (people who get to travel to Europe frequently). What we're saying is that it caters to a larger demographic that you are not a part of (people who don't get to travel to Europe frequently).
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme And people willing to go to a store in the suburbs whose main business traditionally has been on eBay to blow almost $200 on a tie are a common demographic? Give me a break. Not saying that's common either but certainly more common than those who get to travel to Europe frequently. It's not just the ties. He has some rare suits too that you can't find on online stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme I'm in Europe often enough that I'd rather not. Then it appears he's not catering to people like you. You're not exactly a common demographic. His business models makes sense to locals who don't have that opportunity or care for the travel.
wj2009 took my B&S cherry and damn was it good. Love the ties. Fantastic seller. Shipped immediately and quick with communication.
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme But personally, I would rather cut out the middle man if I'm not getting a discount. There's ALWAYS a middle man somewhere (unless you make things yourself). I just see it as the "finders fee" and live with it.
This are exactly the same prices you find all the time on eBay. Picked up a 26" for $400 shipped couple months back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Something tells me young Conne is really not about dues paying. More like someone didn't read the real job description instead of the 1 page handout.
What you like may not be what your hair likes. You should consult a hair stylist to see what's possible. As another poster mentioned, your curls are pretty hardcore. Not sure how malleable they can be.
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