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Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme The fabric looks a little gaudy in the photos, shinier than I would like. That was one of my concerns. In addition to the 2.5 roll not being something that's common and conservative. I was considering purchasing this suit as a staple work and interview suit. However, my concern is that it might look at little TOO GQ for work. Any opinions are welcome.
I am jealous of whoever got that Connolly tie...
I would say the biggest difference between those 2 fields is the amount of travel. Consulting has a STAGGERING amount of travel. You practically live in the airports. Workload and pay wise, you can argue either way which is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by SharpieMarker What besides feel and name makes a $500 shoe better than a $100 one? . - Quality of material - style, durability, thickness, softness, etc. - Construction technique - stitching, gluing, weaving, waterproofing, etc. - Time spent by a professional working on the particular item - Level of expertise of the professional This applies to garments as well as shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by rgoldstein double the price? But it's 5 times better looking. (That's what I tell my gf/wife.) This is a better buy.
There's also a Nordstrom Rack in Woodland Hills that ain't bad. I make this all the time (minus some of the harder to find ingredients). Super easy but you have to remember to give it 3 hours.
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