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Quote: Originally Posted by Dressed2the9s What does that even mean? SF translation: It's like looking for a classy Sean Jean suit.
Buying rule for streetwear: If you can't afford it at MSRP, you can't afford it. No one wants to look like the guy who can't really afford his clothes and is always paranoid about getting it dirty (aka poser).
Thanks guys. The vendor did give a discount on it and was graceful enough to allow for a full refund if it doesn't work out.
Quote: Originally Posted by literasyme The fabric looks a little gaudy in the photos, shinier than I would like. That was one of my concerns. In addition to the 2.5 roll not being something that's common and conservative.
http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-Vera-Sartori...item27b385eb88 I was considering purchasing this suit as a staple work and interview suit. However, my concern is that it might look at little TOO GQ for work. Any opinions are welcome.
I am jealous of whoever got that Connolly tie...
I would say the biggest difference between those 2 fields is the amount of travel. Consulting has a STAGGERING amount of travel. You practically live in the airports. Workload and pay wise, you can argue either way which is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by SharpieMarker What besides feel and name makes a $500 shoe better than a $100 one? . - Quality of material - style, durability, thickness, softness, etc. - Construction technique - stitching, gluing, weaving, waterproofing, etc. - Time spent by a professional working on the particular item - Level of expertise of the professional This applies to garments as well as shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by rgoldstein ...at double the price? But it's 5 times better looking. (That's what I tell my gf/wife.)
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