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Any updates on potential JLs or Kitons?
Also, try to aim to get into IT consulting firms. The experience is priceless.
Fuck him. You're not dressing to get him promoted.
Monday night for sure. Tuesdays-Thursdays has all the women shows on TV. Friday and Saturday you want those free for yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo "One of the most shocking things to me is when a man shows up with candy bars and Skittles in one hand and condoms in the other," How does one have the logic to be "responsible" and bring condoms when they're already committing a major crime? That's like a terrorist bringing a first aid kit to a suicide mission.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff inco and mabitex wool pants have been on sale here for market price around 80-120 dolllars depending on style and color and who the seller is and time of the year and so forth. Are they dry clean only as well or can they be washed?
Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig too much shoulder padding, cut too boxy, jacket a bit too long for you, pants too full and long. +1 Looks like you're wearing your dad's suit.
This is clearly targeting gay men as they have risen to become a strong and reliable market segment for men's clothing. They sure as hell spend more than straight men so it's no surprise the manufacturers are reacting to that spending.
They are too slim for you to be wearing boxers underneath but not too slim in general. If you don't already, you should start wearing boxer briefs for slacks.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOLA1 It's big but not bigger than watches most dudes are wearing these days. I think you're good to go especially for casual settings. He just wants to validate his confirmation bias.
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