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Quote: Originally Posted by Butter You're preaching to a population of people who most likely don't understand the full business model, just the piece they interact with. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol respecting people for what they buy is pretty retarded Point proven.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you this is true. my yellow prorsum jacket is 30+ to clean. my jil sander tee was 19. my lanvin and prorsum pants are like 22 or something. so yeah, i think maintaining fine clothing is expensive, just like maintaining a ferrari is. of course, people that buy a 1500 blazer (even if its on sale) and then go pay 5 bucks at some shitty dry cleaner to clean it is on par with a dude buying a porsche and having the oil changed at...
It would be awesome if there was a guy who was size 36r but has a 34 waist.
It seems like shoes to women are like boobs to guys. Generally, there's a minimal acceptable range that no one really pays too much attention to. But if they're nice, then obviously they get extra attention. If they're messed up, peace.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira I'm a mad poser then, I don't think anything since my KMWs (March 12, 2008 ) has been purchased at retail, and much of it >40% off. Most people here don't pay retail for their clothes and that's hardly a fault, nor does that make them posers Let me be clear: buying discounted clothing is SMART, don't get me wrong. However, if you have to save money for an item of street wear clothing that is ON SALE, it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley I do it for the economy. Sure I don't need more, but someone needs to keep those designers and artisans employed, or we'll lose them forever. My motives for buying new clobber are purely altruistic. It might sound like a joke to some but I actually feel the exact same way. All these other companies doing shortcuts are getting all the cash and it's hard to reward the folks that put the time and...
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana I detect your cynicism but don't see anything unreasonable with my answer. Seriously, $1000 is probably ok. I'm assuming you mean at a department store with reasonable return policies and not an ebay or B&S purchase. I've been scouring this for months and I would agree $1000 is fair price. $800 would be a damn good deal. I wouldn't go more than $1200-1300 from a legit store like STP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dressed2the9s What does that even mean? SF translation: It's like looking for a classy Sean Jean suit.
Buying rule for streetwear: If you can't afford it at MSRP, you can't afford it. No one wants to look like the guy who can't really afford his clothes and is always paranoid about getting it dirty (aka poser).
Thanks guys. The vendor did give a discount on it and was graceful enough to allow for a full refund if it doesn't work out.
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