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I have a Tod's wallet that's exactly what you want. Same design without the gaudy metal logo. It was a gift.
That is one heck of a deal for some quality suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks would getting 2nd hand make a difference in effectiveness of chair? I was looking to buy an Aeron but people keep suggesting to buy new Like anything, it depends on the previous owner. But you're talking about a $200 price difference. If you're spending that much, might as well spend the extra dollar considering you will be using that around 6-8 hours a day 5 days a week if you work from home.
I've decided to go with the Aeron. Little pricey but then the Knoll Life Chair's not much cheaper and Aeron's seem to retain their value quite well. $400 for 2nd hand Aerons make this seem like worthwhile investment.
I don't know the exact strategy but since I am in IT security, there's definitely been a lot of interest in beefing up security so this acquisition is quite interesting since McAfee is software and Intel is hardware. There doesn't seem to be too much overlap in the two companies so it's not about making it more efficient. It seems to be more like leveraging each others strengths for their respective industries. Either way, I was hoping someone knew cause McAfee...
So...did anyone see this coming or heard it was in the works?
Your pants are definitely messed up in the back big time. See if they can fix it. Get a little waist suppression too.
What type of wear and tear? And can you post pictures?
Hipsters to me seem like the mature version of emo. Like, they're older now, so they cry less and aren't as emotional. In terms of clothing fit, they seem pretty close in regards to tightness. But they wear more retro patterns and colors instead of the loud emo stuff.
I am about the same size but my shoulders are a little broader. You're probably in the slim 38r/s cut that has 17" shoulders...which if you have budget, there are a bunch of awesome suits available for sale in B&S. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=189909 See the measurements of the suits in that thread. They would most likely fit you.
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