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Quote: Originally Posted by misery What's his address? 336 is my area code. I could pay him a visit for you +1 I think he's scheduled for some...counseling. Little shits like him need some karma instilled in them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks they seem too long +1
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense Even so, my second point still stands. I'm not denying the huge importance of the retail buyers but completely discrediting bargain shoppers is a bit of a stretch. No one is discrediting them. Every NBA championship team needs starters and bench/role players. MSRP payers are starters and bargain hunters would be the bench players. You need both to succeed and can't function without one or the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood As someone who has overclocked his computer, modified his car and purchased Cordovan shoes, I'm officially offended by this thread! Hey listen, I am a geek too and I stand proud. We are clothing geeks on this forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense There is tons of stuff that goes on sale every season. Do you think these luxury brands are incorrectly calculating things over and over and over again? Yes. Incorrect financial projections occur in every company, every fiscal quarter because no one is an oracle. Their method of selling discounted goods is to meet the projected revenue as close as possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams Elitism is its own reward. SFer belong to a secret society, recognized by its members, invisible to the majority. We are understated, but in the know. They are overstated, and ignorant. Occasionally we wear our Ferrari jacket and Kiton jeans because we choose to, not because we know no better, and the only way they would know they are Kiton jeans is to unbutton our fly, should we grant them leave. Even then, how...
Douchebags have 2 distinct traits: - Overvalues self worth - Undervalues others worth Everything else is just a manifestation of these two.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Respecting people for what they buy connects their worth as a human being to their level of expendable income. If you are truly arguing this is a positive thing, you fucking suck. Nice try, kid but no. You are WAY off. You clearly don't understand even the tip of the iceberg of what I am trying to say. Tip for you: Stay in school so you can learn something else instead of ad hominem arguments.
Quote: Originally Posted by pfurey We shouldn't just pay MSRP to keep the maker in business. If they were any good at business, they'd make us feel like we'd have too. And honestly, very few brands do. Some of these guys aren't good at business, or else they'd be business men in Wall Street, not tailors or cutters or designers or seamstresses working in artisan shops in Naples or wherever. The fact is, a lot of people based their willingness...
Hong Kong has a lot of areas to shop for brand name items: Central - Landmark Causeway Bay - Times Square Tsim Sha Tsui - Harbor City Just be aware that you might be paying equal or more than what you would pay in the US. If you're looking for knock offs, make sure you ask for "A" quality fakes. They actually rank how good their counterfeit wares are.
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