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Cost = Willingness to pay
Is it possible? Harder for Kobe being in the twilight of his career, but is there any achievement he can acquire to make people think otherwise or is it too late? How about Lebron? Would 8 rings get him there or has joining Wade/Bosh ruined his chances forever?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Would be like boxing without gloves. Without gloves boxers can go 100 rounds; no sense bashing the other guy in a bony place and risk breaking your hand. With gloves the sport is much more brutal. Football would become a better, different game without the crash helmets, but it might take a long time for coaches, players, and fans to adjust to the change. And to prevent cauliflower ear the players would need to wear at...
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt you're a fucking racist, dude. You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to call me a reverse-racist.
Now I understand all the hate for necroposts. Got me all excited for nothing.
If the Muslim is in the oil business, I am all for it.
http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/footbal...n=ncaaf-278329 In light of the recent (questionable) illegal tackles in football, some have suggested to not wear face masks and helmets all together. Idea seems to have some merit.
Definitely an epidemic. Some idiot tried to correct my grammar (which wasn't even incorrect) and he got clowned by using the apostrophe wrong. Hilarious.
So many haters....bet you none of them are black. Affirmative Action is necessary but it should have an expiration date.
Awesome price for Isaia houndstooth suit.
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