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Quote: Originally Posted by Magician I don't know what you're talking about. The simplest explanation for people having similar experiences in times of great stress is obviously a magical sky wizard with a golden kingdom full of dead people guided by his zombie son who is also him. Clearly, you haven't been informed about our alien overlord.
How much is your dignity worth?
^^ That custom table is slick. Mind sharing how much you paid for it?
The amount of people using Occam's Razor incorrectly is disturbing.
That's a sweet jacket for 90% off.
There are senile people in existence that make mistakes. I mean, why would someone waste postage on themselves knowing you can get your full money back? Least you're protected in the transaction.
Spend it on your Mom. Take her on a dream shopping trip. Also buy her lifetime spa treatment.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Any recommendation for a good fried chicken spot? Have you tried Zankou chicken? Not fried but good chicken nonetheless. Furaibo in West LA has good Japanese style fried chicken.
Pita Kitchen for Middle Eastern had me rolling. Thanks to whoever. Versailles is good food. Not sure if that's authentic Cuban. Their ox tail is phenomenal. Combo that with the mango drink and it's gfg. Their chicken ain't too bad either. +1 for Porto's Bakery. Definitely one of the best bakeries in LA. I can't think of anything you wouldn't want to try there. I always come out spending ~$50 between me and my gf. Ravioli lovers, you should hit up La Botte in Santa...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 So Kiton is elitist? Not that there's anything wrong with that. That's the target market the founder decided to cater to. Why else?
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