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Quote: Originally Posted by XeF4 A properly seasoned cast iron pan is very non stick. Any brand recommendations in the affordable range (sub $50)?
THAT's a collection. Those Vass double monks are awesome....must....resist...
Good to see everything worked out amicably.
Sick monks. So close to my size..
How much is your back worth? You are going to sit there for 8 hours a day. Hope you have good insurance. I'm saying this because I have a bad back.
Quote: Originally Posted by dcg Sat in one of these the other day and preferred it to the Aeron as well. What was the main difference?
If you're already throwing down $300 for a chair, why not spend a little more for a Herman Miller?
What's just as bad is that there are some sales people who think they DESERVE the sale simply because you initiated the conversation with them and had them help out with providing you more information on the item. It's as if they feel you made the sale by talking to them and not purchasing it would be going back on an offer you never made. Quite pathetic.
I love the level of OCD you guys have. I don't feel alone anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thats a great idea. However resale on monogrammed items is not as strong. Maybe Ill have a pewter statue made. Or you could do an engraved tie clip.
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