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Free bump. OP was a gentlemen and offered it to me before he posted the link but unfortunately I am a 38s This jacket is absolutely magnificent.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I get mine from Target. The wooden ones. I just use two per jacket to support the shoulders. Should I not to do that? I think you can afford to treat your suit's to $5 hangers.
Here are two Lanvin suits for CHEAP in 38 but would actually fit 36 cause the shoulders are 17" instead of 18" for usual 38 jackets. 17" Shoulders 31" Length 17" Shoulders 30" Length Again, found these cause it wouldn't fit me.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregor The sports coat was already sold. Must have happened within the half hour. How much cash are you looking to throw around?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lex Diamonds I did, which is why I asked the question. If you don't want to answer, no big deal. I was just curious where you've seen HF suits for cheaper than $500. Outlets as others mentioned, Nordstrom Rack, Ebay, B&S.
There are a bunch of great suits at your size in B&S. I know cause I am looking for my size and it ends up being in your size. Nice black Versace sports coat for cheap here too:
You can find canvassed suits for $500-700. If that's outside your budget, Boss is a good deal at $300-400. There's also this thread that might help your decision.
Free bump since OP delivered.
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