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Now I understand all the hate for necroposts. Got me all excited for nothing. In light of the recent (questionable) illegal tackles in football, some have suggested to not wear face masks and helmets all together. Idea seems to have some merit.
Definitely an epidemic. Some idiot tried to correct my grammar (which wasn't even incorrect) and he got clowned by using the apostrophe wrong. Hilarious.
Awesome price for Isaia houndstooth suit.
How's this still available?
HAHAHAHA. Love coming home from work seeing more sore losers rage cause they can't get over getting clowned. Too funny. Thanks guys. Work was busy as hell so this really made my day.
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage what does this mean? is enforcement optional? is it only for dt? ? I would like to know where the line is drawn as well, if the mods don't mind. Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy One of the things that you may have noticed about the forum is that, the buying and selling forum excepted, there are not any rigid rules (well, you can't post porn or racist comments). This is not an...
Hickey Freeman. You can find them discounted at Nordstrom Rack.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle The feedback thread is here +1 Threads like this gets deleted. Better to point it out in the feedback thread that stays.
Dude, a chill just ran down my spine looking at those photos. Hope you get better soon.
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