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You gotta get it in both colors. They're magnificent.
All I have to say is f*ck Eric Holder.
Have you gotten your CFA or plan on trying for it?
From a personal taste, I find 4 better than 3 since 3 seems rather played out and reminds me of 1930s mobsters (not that it can't look good, a fella pulls it off magnificently in the WAYWT thread).
Quote: Originally Posted by A.K.A. Your first statement is too loaded to even debate, but the Obama agenda has even more government spending and expansion of welfare programs, plus they are wrong on the wars, too, which makes O worse than W. Both will be unfavorable in history. What makes O worse than W in my eyes is the fact he marketed himself as O when he's closer to W. W may have had unfavorable ideas and policies but at least he didn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by pdial Worked for me but it was a pair of shoes that were too small for me so my regular shoe trees did the trick. These weren't super expensive shoes mind you. Let me stress again on the short period of time though. I left it in for bout 1 hour. If I were to do everything over, I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes that require breaking in.
Not worth tailoring. Sell it for cheap or give it away.
The Obama Administration may be worthless, but that's already a tremendous step up from the previous administration, which effectively had negative worth. The healthcare debacle however may equalize the worthlessness in the long run.
It's not in my league but I can't see it as shocking as their regular cashmere sportscoats go for $3-4K MSRP. $7.5 for an overcoat doesn't seem out of line if that's their pricing scheme.
Use a bigger shoe tree for a short period of time.
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