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Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California Who did you buy it from? Howwy?? Beau. Wonderful guy, no pressure and super helpful.
Definitely recommend noobs to join simply just to make the "search" function less hassle by not requiring to input the verification code. As a noob, I use that quite a lot. However, be tactful about what opinions you express because some senior members have very thin skin and aren't mature enough to handle the slightest criticism/disagreement.
Just got back from RL @ Rodeo Picked up this RLBL charcoal mini-houndstooth suit for 30+15% off. I did not have a kicker code and they were more than willing to accommodate. I mentioned I was on the mailing list but didn't get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJE On SF people have other commitments which mean they don't always achieve ISO 10001:2007. ROFL. Good one. That is a sick looking TF suit, don't blame the buyer for the impatience at all but vendor sells lots of high quality goods here all the time, no need to worry.
This thread has potential.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Something like that... very oily, molds to the feet really well, and seems to be a great leather for wet weather. Very cool. So would one care for it the same way as leather or different products are required? I'm curious mainly because I liked cordovan for its durability but the premium as well as the overly shiny look is something I'm on the fence about. Thinking of chromexcel as an alternative.
You know there are other sizes you can try on, right? There are also S and L lengths for each size. Just find one that fits, you don't have to stick to 38. FYI, these sizes aren't that standardized; shoulder lengths for 38 can range from 17"-19".
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Since you guys won't shut up, I'll post my most recent acquisition: Alden natural chromexcel ptb with flex sole I was wondering when this thread was going to start delivering again. Thanks for stepping up. How does chromexcel feel like? Is it tougher than calf but not as tough as cordovan?
I don't think age is as much of an issue as the opportunity to wear it. Of course being in California doesn't help. I find DBs a little much for regular days. Suits in general are already getting too formal for some places. (Then again, I'm not a big timer like some other folks here.) It's kinda like wearing a bowtie.
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Why do they love you? For the money? Or for the time you don't spend with them? (I'm just being a brat here). When you truly love someone, you don't think about what love you are getting back. But to your point, you may joke that you're being bratty with that question but that is a legitimate concern. Anyone who grew up with parents with strict work ethic would recall the time (or lack of) they had with...
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