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Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Since you guys won't shut up, I'll post my most recent acquisition: Alden natural chromexcel ptb with flex sole I was wondering when this thread was going to start delivering again. Thanks for stepping up. How does chromexcel feel like? Is it tougher than calf but not as tough as cordovan?
I don't think age is as much of an issue as the opportunity to wear it. Of course being in California doesn't help. I find DBs a little much for regular days. Suits in general are already getting too formal for some places. (Then again, I'm not a big timer like some other folks here.) It's kinda like wearing a bowtie.
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Why do they love you? For the money? Or for the time you don't spend with them? (I'm just being a brat here). When you truly love someone, you don't think about what love you are getting back. But to your point, you may joke that you're being bratty with that question but that is a legitimate concern. Anyone who grew up with parents with strict work ethic would recall the time (or lack of) they had with...
Not recommended. You'll ruin a nice suit that you probably could have gotten decent money if you sold it.
Try repositioning the exhaust for your mechanical legs?
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK That said, I would hate occupying a mediocre position if I did get in to the financial field, and would be that dude. Ain't nothing wrong being "that dude." Even "that dude" makes obscene bonuses simply for being in the financial field. If family is not part of your picture, and you're willing to pay your dues, you should definitely stick with finance since you're on track.
Can you post measurements for ties and pocket squares, please?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fashion Camelion Shoe shining instructions. Much appreciated for the detailed steps and tips.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I just don't want to end up worth 8 figures and hating life. When you have your 8 figures and are able to make your loved ones' dreams reality, it would be pretty hard to hate life.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI They're much better than any of the Inco/Mabitex I've handled. Bought a pair of dark grey Howard Yount wool pants based on that comment. And I must echo that the fit is better than Mabitex (unless you're pretty skinny). Packaging was exceptional and the handwritten card is a fantastic touch.
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