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Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt LOLWHUT Why does it not surprise me you are too stupid to know about Abe Lincoln being a fraud?
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands James has been playing at the highest level possible for about six years now. That's not potential. It's actual greatness. You clearly know fuck all about basketball. It's not boxing. Players don't win. Teams do. You name me one player "greater" than LeBron who won a chip with a worse supporting cast than he had. Even Kemp, your wasted potential example played with Payton. The best teammate Lebro has had...
I think they forgot to tell you in music class that you need to play pussy music to get pussy. I'm pretty sure the gay looking emo guys get laid pretty frequently.
If you're talking false advertising, the comparison to Abe Lincoln turned out to be surprisingly accurate.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands I hate LeBron as much as the next guy, but it's patently absurd to think there are 50 basketball players who were ever better than this guy. You people bought the Jordan mythos hook, line and sinker. One player can't win championships, period. Lebron's supporting cast was worse than godawful. You know who the backup, 2-guard on the Cav's was last year? I haven't checked the depth chart, but there's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Believe me ,we need new members with fresh sartorial views. For different budgets might I add. If you had tens of thousands of dollars for clothing every year, it's easy to look good. Much harder to do it with a tighter budget. Most big timers here are pretty classy but you'll often run into douchey comments where they make fun of people wearing cheaper stuff, which isn't that bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 butter: don't forgot how Kobe used to be, the man drove shaq out of LA and if it wasn't for highway robbery Kobe and his team wouldn't have done squat since shaq left. Kobe's style of play changed tremendously from his Shaq years. His shot selection in the past was horrendous compared to what it is today. He wasn't a top 10 player of all time when he was with Shaq, just a really good guard, he just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo went into the RL today, they offered me the 30+15 on some of the RLBL suits/sport coats... I was tempted to pick up the velvet peaked lapel sport coat, but the sleeves can't be lengthened... The sales guy picked out the same thing for me strangely...wonder if they're trying to push stock. Thing was ridiculously thick for LA weather but super nice.
No way in hell Lebron is in the top 50 of all time currently. As other mentioned, it's about the body of work during the career along with the achievements. If he retired today, he'll be like Grant Hill back in the day. Awesome stats, great player, not enough time to see results. Grant Hill was easily a top 50 player in his prime. Same for Penny Hardaway. One thing you have to respect about Kobe is that he always lets his game do the talking. Lebron is an attention...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Anyway, it is more of a general question. How often must somebody analyse issues badly before you just say fuck it, this guy has no judgment at all and cannot be taken seriously? When they contradict themselves. Most people, even with bad judgment, operate with logic (female version of logic may vary) and most of the time, they're wrong because they are analyzing incomplete or faulty data.
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