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Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 butter: don't forgot how Kobe used to be, the man drove shaq out of LA and if it wasn't for highway robbery Kobe and his team wouldn't have done squat since shaq left. Kobe's style of play changed tremendously from his Shaq years. His shot selection in the past was horrendous compared to what it is today. He wasn't a top 10 player of all time when he was with Shaq, just a really good guard, he just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo went into the RL today, they offered me the 30+15 on some of the RLBL suits/sport coats... I was tempted to pick up the velvet peaked lapel sport coat, but the sleeves can't be lengthened... The sales guy picked out the same thing for me strangely...wonder if they're trying to push stock. Thing was ridiculously thick for LA weather but super nice.
No way in hell Lebron is in the top 50 of all time currently. As other mentioned, it's about the body of work during the career along with the achievements. If he retired today, he'll be like Grant Hill back in the day. Awesome stats, great player, not enough time to see results. Grant Hill was easily a top 50 player in his prime. Same for Penny Hardaway. One thing you have to respect about Kobe is that he always lets his game do the talking. Lebron is an attention...
JAB carries $2200 suits?
Muse. Not exceptional but they are rarely sloppy like other rock bands.
RL mentioned they have a 60 day return policy. Just hold on to it, don't touch the tags and wait for the shipment.
Quote: Originally Posted by foggy I bought a charcoal RLBL suity yesterday with 30% off only, $1,695 down to $1,186. Thats as much as they would do. Please post pics!
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a That's me right here As many of forum members know, it's very hard to get great items on discount, outlet stores are always hit or miss unless you have contract between them or something. For me, it's really hard to drive to an outlet store everyweek with part time job and college. And, taking pictures, measurments, and all that is not easy. As we all know, Daffy's have tons of Mabitex at heavily discounted price, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Think I saw my penis next to Alpha Centauri. I'm pretty sure that was Uranus.
Quote: Originally Posted by jha222 Thank you. Is the Paul Wilshire the one in LA. I did a google search and it popped out.
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