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I've never had my transcripts looked at.
I'd only pay that much for a pair of shoes if the cordovan was made with the current year's Kentucky Derby winner lined with vicuna.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe NB From the seller's description, this looks like a coat for fall and spring, not winter. Also, how old are you? Past 1960, these coats look tacky. FTFY.
I don't think we have the ability to understand or know. I believe that's considered agnostic to some.
Come on guys, without River Dog we won't have people who believe getting an education in DeVry is no different from Harvard. We need folks like him to fill the gaps.
Wearing a suit to work in an appropriate environment is more about respecting yourself than respecting others.
Bhowie can fill out one of these next time for the mods to make it easier for the rest of us.
It's not getting worse, you're just getting older.
Thanks guys!
Sony MDR-V6. Then get the velour ear pad replacements for ~$15 online shipped.
New Posts  All Forums: