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Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog And that's fine, but a huge demographic of douchebags belong to Style Forum. Perhaps, but it has nothing to do with people who like to wear suits as you implied earlier. You will find as much if not more douches on SW&D forum and they clearly don't like wearing suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog If you can't take look at Style Forum and see a lot of pretentious douchebaggery going on, you are in denial my friend. I already told you, they are pretentious douchebags no matter where they go or what they like. Are you that naive to think that pretentious douchebags is a rare species and only local to this forum?
Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog Come on, when people are debating the quality of a brand name white dress shirt, it's fucking gay and pretentious. On the contrary. It's pretentious if they're just debating about the brand. Debating the quality is intelligent and rather important for the rest of us. Some of us don't have the money or time to wear expensive things till they wear out on us, it's better to learn how to spend money on...
Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog I am not saying you can't appreciate the best in clothing, but many have already said that they would never let their friends, family or co-workers see their postings on Style Forum, because people do come across here as pretenious douchebags. There are lot of pretentious douchebags here simply because they are pretentious douchebags in real life. Nothing to do with their interest in clothing. Someone...
Wow...amazing stuff again. You know, I should be somewhat glad it's not in my size. I would have gone broke over these items.
Bespoke shirt maker. I swear by it these days. I even got my gf interested.
I'm gonna be one for sure when the time comes. It would be like having the newest gadget but it's alive and needs quite a bit of maintenance.
I don't know where you get this pretentious douchebag idea from. There's this thing called "hobby" and for some, clothing is a hobby. Some may like cars, wine or electronics. This group of fellas like clothing. Some people think taking a shower and brushing their teeth is a waste of time too. Why do you care so much to criticize others' preferences?
I've never had my transcripts looked at.
I'd only pay that much for a pair of shoes if the cordovan was made with the current year's Kentucky Derby winner lined with vicuna.
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