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Honestly, if you go to a reputable elite stylist (~$100), they can work some magic on your hair. The fact that it's long gives them a blank canvas to work on. I would recommend work on your hair first, then pick a hat that matches. You might wanna add some color to your wardrobe too so your options on hats will expand. Maybe start off with muted earthy palettes to match your style.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid What are we considering lucking out I'm in a 700 sq ft corner 1BR walkup in the UES for 1950/mo, I think it was no fee. I think that was a decent deal Hearing this makes me glad I am in LA. Job salaries are about the same but we get twice the home you guys pay for, with no winters. Shitty part is the need for a car and insurance. We save on heating and winter clothes so that may balance it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks Exhibit One: I can't tell if he's actually getting kicked out or if this is a halloween picture.
I just got Moccsocks for the sockless look and I gotta say, it's pretty awesome.
Yea it's skiwear but you may find some sleeker designs that can work for daily use. The amazing thing is it's not thick at all but surprisingly warm and keeps you bone dry. I have Arcteryx too but this is a different league. You can get last season stuff for ~$500
If your budget is ~$100, I would get Johnston & Murphy's.
Why wear shoes when you can wear flip flops?
Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog The thing is, most people are wasting money for the brand name. Quote: Originally Posted by River Dog Come on, when people are debating the quality of a brand name white dress shirt, it's fucking gay and pretentious. You know you've failed when you're disagreeing with yourself. I would suggest you stop before you start looking....wait nm too late.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving I think we can wind down this discussion after this next picture. Shirt: A $120 MTM shirt from CEGO. Pants: The pants are 10" low rise slim fit, hanging off my hips. My belly button is above that bottom button. Jacket: Agreed, this Canali is not flattering at all, in any way. Shirt If you have no problem paying $120 for a shirt, I'd recommend you go to a respected bespoke...
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