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Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident It's made for fat executive types, who'd rather pay more for their stuff. Correction: They'd rather you not have a chance of being able to afford something remotely close to what he's wearing.
+1 to refund. He's gonna make you work for it, so you better be prepared to argue.
I am pretty sure most people will agree their shoes are overpriced as you can get quality bespoke for the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Aren't you the guy that thinks an open Netwebs board only has posts directed to specific people? If you don't want random people to reply to your idiocy, send a PM. I could careless bout what random people say on an internet forum. Actually, I sort of pity you. You have to pay to get people to talk to you at work. Even on this past Saturday afternoon, you were desperate for attention. Your daily post...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire FTFY. We all know it's coming. Again. Uh huh. Sure worked out for the last guy that tried it! Besides, aren't you the attention whore that replies to messages not directed to you?
You got me, lonely boy, I was the nerd that got banned and had to start multiple aliases. ROFL.
Raging nerds that can't get over getting owned. I lurv it. Life is so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by yaserh WOW haha i meant i need help with it. like i have no idea what product to use to get this. You need money. About $100. Go find a reputable stylist and explain what you want. You gotta pay to play.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Mystery Got it back from the cleaners, still the same! still has a lighter patch the size of a fist on the back. The little bit of tide I mixed with water to scrub out the dirt is chemical (didn't know) and caused that spot to lighten. The dry cleaners said it would eventually fade away after being dry cleaned over time. I'm thinking of putting a bit of tide in a spray bottle with water and spraying the entire...
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Universal statement. Are you implying that for something to be universal, it has to ALSO work in singularity?
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