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Do any of you think aliens believe in God? Or have some remnant of religion integrated?
Quote: Originally Posted by hobscrk777 Customer service is handing out the codes?! Yup. Not difficult at all. Got 2 in fact. Are Darltons the same as Marlows?
Quote: Originally Posted by CousinDonuts Medium Grey FTFY and +1
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 OK, since you got to tell your side and other members seem to think that's the way it happened... I started a thread asking what members thought a jacket as worth in MC. I removed the FS link in my sig and stopped bumping it via price drops as at this point it became a threak and I was gauging whether or not to just keep it anyway. I let it be known early that Butter was worthless (the other member that helped ruin...
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Those players are piss-poor analogies because, despite their short periods of brilliance, they have more middling seasons than stellar. The same can't be said about James. If you want to compare James to a player who never won a ring, you might want to look in Sir Charles' direction. I mentioned those guys because those 3 did not play up to their FULL potential the same way James has not. Barkley on...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField How the fuck people can deny Lebron's talent and incredible accomplishments so far is unbelievable to me. You're misinterpreting what we're saying, no one's denying his talent. He is one of the best players of all time if he decides to show up. You can't give someone top 50 of all time title for that short stint in history, you have to weigh out the entire career. If you could, then Penny Hardaway,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano What does one have to do with the other? [FALSE CHOICE] Who ever claimed that Lincoln was an altruistic politician that thought going to war to free the slaves was a good idea? [STRAW MAN ARGUMENT]. You must have missed the fraud comparison of Lincoln and Obama. Both their political strategies involve deceiving the public on their true intentions. Bush, while being a dumbass, at least did stuff...
Marijuana edibles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan +1. What the hell are you talking about Butter? Do you guys truly believed Lincoln was some altruistic politician that thought going to war to free slaves was a good idea? Is this a joke or are you guys that naive?
And they wonder why America's education is in shambles.
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