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Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyJew Funnily enough, the company is Canadian, and I am a Canadian citizen. But you have to be american. If that was the scenario, it is whack then. I've never heard of a Canadian company requiring US citizenship but anything to do with defense always has stringent requirements. If you have a green card, most American companies that are not related to defense shouldn't have any problems hiring you.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles *edit forgot to call you a complete idiot. WTF does karma have anything to do with it? Pu-leez, your sympathy is not needed for the 13 time all star, 7 time MVP and STRONGEST offensive player of all time. everytime the Giants are mentioned, at least one stick will come out to make a barry bash. My bad, I'll make sure your mouth is off his cock before I comment next time.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Butter is a PITA, and if he sends me one more series of Socratic PMs, I'll toss him too. Here's a lesson for Butter. If you had been able to resist sending me a bunch of annoying PMs outlining hypothetical situations that weren't actually so hypothetical, and then revealed that "ahah, it's actually happened on the forum", then I wouldn't have cared who you were, one way or the other. By doing that, you effectively...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 You guys are so childish sometimes. srsly "The irony is strong."
Is this one of your first successful interviews? I am asking because the question "are you legally authorized to work in the US" is really common.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 What's wrong with my writing? Nothing whatsoever. Your posts are rather long so I figured you liked to write.
I've tried Shiseido, Zirh, Neutrogena, Ponds, Oil of Olay, St. Ives and Aveno. Currently using Aveno. Didn't feel any significant improvement in the expensive stuff.
Winning without Barry Bonds...karma got that dude hard.
You should definitely get a job that involves writing.
Do any of you think aliens believe in God? Or have some remnant of religion integrated?
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