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Probably one of the harder problems in life is dealing with people's inconsistent behavior. None of us are rational 100% of the time and even good people sometimes disappoint you, have bad days, etc. Situational problems can be easier to deal with because at least you can solve most of them step by step. Even if takes a lot of hard work. With people, anything can happen. So what are your strategies to deal with human conflict? I find cool off helps ... if someone seems to...
In these economic times, it's more important than ever to diversify your skill sets so you can go where the demand is. Nowadays, it changes so fast that even if you're studying a hot subject now, by the time you graduate, the industry could be downsizing. I know of a lot of people who are juggling side income streams just to stay afloat ...Actually it may be an advantage since employers aren't loyal these days anymore. Unless you're a top performer, they'll let you go with...
Everything looks good but I'd ditch the diagonal plaid. The pattern's widely spaced out so it visually widens the rest of your body. Not good.
Not last night but I recently tried Ethiopian food. The food itself wasn't outstanding but people probably flocked to the restaurant for the novelty of and the permission to use fingers to eat and be messy. The sauce from the meats made the flatbread so soggy, I wondered if I needed to cup my hands to slurp the soup.
I do the same but to mentally note items of interest. Then I decide for a couple days whether or not it's worth going back to buy if it fits. A second trip to seal to the deal prevents impulse buys and SAs from twisting your arm. They mostly ignore browsers and only turn on the heat when you try a piece on.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunga Read my post again. Tom Ford is for the discerning customer. If you think your cheaper polo looked and fit better, then maybe you aren't really a Tom Ford kind of guy, which is o.k. Tom Ford isn't for everyone, which is part of why it is so exclusive and high-fashion. How many magazines do layouts showing your polo? How many stars where your polo and how many wear Tom Ford's? See what I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I like the colour and the pinstripes of the suit... It suits perfectly the gentleman's complexion... I don't like the lapels..Too thin ... The colors are well matched but the fabric of his suit wrinkles way too easily so he looks kinda frumpy.
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