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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Not sure if many here will care but... Saks.com has a F&F sale, 20% off w/ code: FRIEND3 You can use more than one code too (not many people knows this) so use SPRINGSFA to get free shipping as well. When does it expire?
What are you guys' perspectives on Facebook and Twitter 2 years now? I think facebook is doing very well.
Anyone doing it? tell me about it.
Not sure if this will work or not, but worth a try: Perfume Exchange on FB Click on LIKE and post what you have or what you want to trade for or sell for. I have a set of TomFord samples (10 or 12 of them) that I will probably post on there soon.
Just noticed CP3's stat line: 7-14, 27 Pts 13 Rebs, 15 Assists
I'm happy to see the Lakers lost.. and very happy to see NO won.
Just registered the domain name HappyTum.net.
Do it.. that sounds like an awesome job. You get to travel and meet a lot of people.
Got an offer for a pair in light oak for $700. I believe they still have the original panels. They look nice and clean. I understand the panels should be replaced in 15-20 years, but these are available and cost $1600/pair shipped from M&L. Is $700 still worth paying for a these with an age of 20-25 years? What else do I need to know about them?
New Posts  All Forums: