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Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos I think you're confused by the wording. He didn't say "you don't want to take the test...;" he said "you don't want to take test[osterone]" if you don't need it. There is no harm in the physical act of being tested. Ah.. got it.
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 You don't want to take test if you don't need it, it will permanently fuck up your natural production. Can anyone explain to me why this is the case? I've always thought they draw your blood just like they draw your blood for a CHEM test. Is there a feedback mechanism I'm not aware of?
*** These were quickly SOLD, thanks for all the inquiries *** I'd rate them 9/10. Still very dark and no fades. $OLD shipped and firm. PM me if interested in pictures/measurements. Serious inquiries only. Update: added pictures. The pictures are much brighter than the actual denim. Picture 2 and 3 are more closer to actual color as picture 1 and 4 were taken next to windows with bright light. I'll add measurements within the next few days.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cordwinder Any purpose for during your trip in Asia? Do you want to be shopping or sipping young coconut juice on the beach or visiting ancient ruins of long passed dynasty? No shopping. I just want to have some fun and sip some young coconut juice on the beach... would also be tempting to visit ancient ruins too. Any recommendations for packings for a 2 week trip would be helpful too.
Any recommendations for an Asia tour package for about 2 weeks (7/11-7/25)? I'd like to include these places if possible: Hongkong, Bangkok, ..?
What do you guys think about the current Wrangler? How good is it in the snow during the winter?
I'm going to get this:
Agree that parts for the Miata are very cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 Thinking about getting an Apple TV. I know it will work fine for streaming all of my iTunes related content. Does it also have the functionality to stream things like youtube, music from CDs, streaming audio concerts from websites like NPR All Songs Considered or music band websites? Yes.. most functions through iTune on another computer via wifi/network. I like mine a lot.
it's very cool. i'd see it.
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