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Wore these 1-2 times. Bought new from $30 shipped USA. Includes Paypal.
AAI havent even tried all of them (tried 4-6 samples). These are 1 mL. I got them from here: $50 shipped USA. Paypal included. *** SOLD ***
Please pm me if u want to sell urs.
Grado 60 -- haven't used them much since I live by myself and usually listen to speakers.
I got a few pair of these in like NEW conditions. I've only tried them on and didn't like how they fit.   1. American Optical General Sunglasses size 58 Silver Pilot ($30 includes free shipping and Paypal fee to lower 48 states) American Optical General Military Sunglasses w/ Wire Spatula Temples, 58mm / Silver Frame / Gray Lens Similar to this:...
What kinds of gifts should I get for a lady friend's baby shower? Never been to one before.
limited sizes.
They're a little too big for me in the waist (~33). Almost new. Will trade for one size smaller or some other brands (straight fit or slim fit) with a 31.5-32" waist.
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