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Please pm me if u want to sell urs.
Grado 60 -- haven't used them much since I live by myself and usually listen to speakers.
I got a few pair of these in like NEW conditions. I've only tried them on and didn't like how they fit.   1. American Optical General Sunglasses size 58 Silver Pilot ($30 includes free shipping and Paypal fee to lower 48 states) American Optical General Military Sunglasses w/ Wire Spatula Temples, 58mm / Silver Frame / Gray Lens Similar to this:...
What kinds of gifts should I get for a lady friend's baby shower? Never been to one before.
limited sizes.
They're a little too big for me in the waist (~33). Almost new. Will trade for one size smaller or some other brands (straight fit or slim fit) with a 31.5-32" waist.
what are you looking to trade for? I have the same one in 34x34.. it's a little too big for me, and I'm looking for a 33x34 if you want to trade. Mine is like new.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick ^It's funny how something simple like luggage is something I really appreciate. I can never go back to poorly made stuff again though. New Seiko watch... Remind me the model and where to kop that?
I'm picking these up. These are unreal... Listening to Diana Krall, and it sounds like she's standing in front of me.
U can return to any Sears store.. doesn't matter if there's a LE store there or not.
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