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I saw a Polo "black label" overcoat for 6.99 and a Zegna overcoat for 12.99. Both of them are very thick but not my size so I passed. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them anyways.
There are only craps at the Marshall near my house. I've seen Celine ties at $39.99. RT ties at $15 but they're so ugly.
Here's my first buy, let me know which brands I should avoid next time. (I bought them mostly based on the colors and overall conditions) TIES: (1) Robert Talbot - Best of Class (1) Polo RL (1) Ferrell Reed for Carter's (1) Burbery (1) L'Atelier (1) Cerruti CXIII ? (1) Christian Dior Price ranges from $1.50 to $3.00 Coat: Luciano Barbera (lovely - $6.99) Sport Jacket: Brooks Brother MTM ($6.99) -- fits me perfectly.. wow! There were a few other BB MTM...
How much for the shirt ms?
I'm 26 y.o. Asian male. I guess I have low level of testoterone and that's why I have very few hair on my beard and mustache (you can actually count how many hair there are). Is there any effective ways to make them grow thicker (more) ? Diet? Nutrition?
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Were they Robert Talbott "Best of Class"? Yeah... "Best of Class" for Nordstrom.
How do you clean/wash ties or do you clean them at all since you buy them used? I saw a bunch of Robert Talbot in good conditions at a thriftstore for $3/each... is that a good deal?
If not, at what age did you move out and for what reasons? I'm 26 y.o. grad student and still living with my parents and some older siblings. I'm thinking of moving out on my own, but not sure if that's a good idea (e.g. rent $). Recently, I just don't get along with my siblings.
Is Von Dutch jeans any good? I've seen them on sale for $25. How about Seven jeans for $25? TIA.
Suit: $300 Odd Jacket: $100 Dress Shirt: $30 Jeans: $50 Shoes: $100 Belt: $20 Watch: $0 Individual Accessory(pocket square, tie, cufflinks, socks, etc., jewelry, ): $10 I'm a grad student and enjoy hunting for good deals. Even when I have money, I wouldn't pay more for what I listed above.
New Posts  All Forums: