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What's the color of that coat that Ryan P. is wearing? It's not black, and I can't come up with a correct term to describe it.
Thrifting is also a form of exercise
Sorry I don't watch p0rns!
Where can I buy this coat worn by Ryan Phillippe (left)? Is that a trench coat? I really like the color and the simplicity. It looks like a good sport coat replacement and especially here in rainy Northwest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stax smoke cigarettes I hope that's a joke... regardless, never tell someone to smoke.
That car is gay.
Wow.. how can a suit retail for $5500? There are others that are more expensive, but it's hard to imagine a suit that cost that much if it's RTW.
I saw a Polo "black label" overcoat for 6.99 and a Zegna overcoat for 12.99. Both of them are very thick but not my size so I passed. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them anyways.
There are only craps at the Marshall near my house. I've seen Celine ties at $39.99. RT ties at $15 but they're so ugly.
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