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to me i think it looks ugly for a tie knot.
How about yoga.
I need to alter (take in in the waist) some dress shirts. Please recommend me some tailors in Portland area for reasonable price?
Hey guys, I'll put together a list of recommended tailors by you in every state/city if you could reply to this thread. It would also help if you could provide me as much information as possible about the tailor shop (e.g. address or phone #). Shop's or Tailor's name: Location: Phone #: Price (if possible): Your own experience/review. etc.
How is the quality of these ties?
Code: Pocket Square and Grey Suit, classic sunglasses Didn't look like he wore a belt. I"m going to get a grey suit for summer.
What's the color of that coat that Ryan P. is wearing? It's not black, and I can't come up with a correct term to describe it.
Thrifting is also a form of exercise
Sorry I don't watch p0rns!
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