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How much money would a BB MTM suit normally run?
What are some of the best suits at Nordstrom Rack? I've seen Boss, Hickey Freeman and Abboud. Freeman suits look nice but they didn't fit me in the shoulders. Any other brands that I should watch for or try on?
Thanks for the tips guys!!!
What do you think of the suit though? I'm thinking of getting one to attend a wedding this summer.
Here on eBay The jacket fits but the pants need to be taken in 2 inch. Is it worth the price asking?
to me i think it looks ugly for a tie knot.
How about yoga.
I need to alter (take in in the waist) some dress shirts. Please recommend me some tailors in Portland area for reasonable price?
Hey guys, I'll put together a list of recommended tailors by you in every state/city if you could reply to this thread. It would also help if you could provide me as much information as possible about the tailor shop (e.g. address or phone #). Shop's or Tailor's name: Location: Phone #: Price (if possible): Your own experience/review. etc.
How is the quality of these ties?
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