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Actual denim darker than in pictures. They're used and washed but still in excellent conditions. No obvious fadings. $80 shipped USA. Paypal fee included. ** SOLD **
It's in there. I'd like to sell the whole set for now.
See pictures. They're brand new. Size 52. **** SOLD ****
For those want to try out the TF Private Blend, I have a set of 12 samples for sale here: http://www.styleforum.net/forum/thread/261619/tom-ford-private-blend-samples-set-of-12
$20 shipped USA. Paypal fee included. Used but in excellent conditions.
Used. Plain white. $20 shipped USA. Paypal fee included.
Wore these 1-2 times. Bought new from dockers.com. $30 shipped USA. Includes Paypal.
AAI havent even tried all of them (tried 4-6 samples). These are 1 mL. I got them from here: http://theperfumedcourt.com/Products/Tom-Ford-Private-Blend-12-scent-sample-set__TFSAMPESdw.aspx $50 shipped USA. Paypal included. *** SOLD ***
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