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You can get some decent workout clothes at Target.
Hey gang, I'm cooking turkey tomorrow. Any tips? Side dish? Post your recipes.
How do you know if she's a woman of your life (e.g. wife)? At what point during your dating, do you decide to get married?
Not sure if anyone's mentioned, but these definitely:
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 WTH is that? I think those are nipples.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Rice Milk. (Rice Dream) It's very good.. you can also make your own if you cook rice.
She's looking at the 2007 Honda Accord now. The LX, 4-door, AT -- the dealer is asking for around $18,000 +TT (the 2008 is coming out). Is that a good deal?
How much is the A5?
it's bird's saliva... kinda nasty if i think about it.
Holy cow! Have girls or at least gal friends hit more on you now?
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