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Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Rice Milk. (Rice Dream) It's very good.. you can also make your own if you cook rice.
She's looking at the 2007 Honda Accord now. The LX, 4-door, AT -- the dealer is asking for around $18,000 +TT (the 2008 is coming out). Is that a good deal?
How much is the A5?
it's bird's saliva... kinda nasty if i think about it.
Holy cow! Have girls or at least gal friends hit more on you now?
Windows svks! And I'm using one right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Maintenance on a Lexus isn't all that cheap. Unless you have a steady job (I assume you're in your early 20's or something), I'd go for an easily-repaired car like a Civic or Accord. I heard that the Lexus SC line share the same engine as the Camry (not sure if that's even true). So how does it cost extra to maintain this car vs. a Camry? I'm trying to understand..
What do you guys think of the older Lexus SC300? My g/f likes those. I'm probably going to look for one with under 80K miles. Anyone in here own this car? What should I look for when I inspect this car?
Well... she's going to pay for it with her money. She's in her early 20's. The car should be practical and reliable. However, she's open to other types of cars (including luxury, sports, sedan, hatchback). The car must not have more than 80K. That's the criteria. So far, I've thought of: -1998-2002 Honda Accord -Civics (she doesn't like them) -Near new Toyota Yaris -Scions tC are probably out of her price range, even used -Acura CL (the last...
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