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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire You know an amp I have always wanted but never gotten around to buying is: I've had friends with them and they are great when bridged into monoblocks. I've almost bought one at least six times in the last 20 years, but just never pulled the trigger. Maybe I will this year. What's so great about it?
what comb to you use to comb your hair?
Kef 104/2 speakers Mirage 150i subwoofer Panasonic XR55 Receiver Samsung blueray DVD player
I tried out prince albert knot today.. it looks great for me.
I'll owe about $100K after finishing my PharmD. Many of you guys here are lawyers or going into law.
and how much do you normally pay for it? and how about dress shirts? Is there a way to tell if the cleaner did a good job.. what do you look for? I have places around me that want to charge from $6-$12 for a suit and $1.30-$3.50 for a dress shirt.
about teamwork? Some of my team members are slacking off and not putting in their share of work, and I'd like to invite them to watch the movie with me so they get the message without having to tell them you need to do the work.
Congrats man.
scata is da man!
Is eating bacons every day (e.g. breakfast 2-3 strips) bad for your health? I think it has a lot of fat and can add to your bad cholesterol?
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