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Quote: Originally Posted by j It depends whether you like being in the city and also by what means you will commute. Burien is south of Seattle in a sort of... undesirable area. I'm not too familiar with the part of the city west of there closer to the water, but it's probably your best bet. 10-20 minutes during any kind of traffic doesn't get you that far away from Burien, unfortunately. j, thanks for your reply. why is that west side area...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Get Out, Get Out While You Still Can Why?
Hello, I recently got a job in Burien, WA (Highline Medical Center) and will start working in July. I've been to Seattle a few times, but I don't know enough about the areas surrounding it. I'm hoping to find a town/place about 10-20 minutes away from Burien. Do you guys have a suggestion as to which nearby towns I should look into? I'll probably either rent an apartment or sharing room with someone. If I like the area, I'll probably by a house in 1-2 years. I'm a 27...
For good sound in computer speaker size, try Monsoon speakers -- they stopped making them but can be found on eBay... still pricey since they're harder to find.
sweet potatoes... here's how you cook them: 1. wet it (or wash it) 2. papertowel dry it 3. wrap it with plastic wrappers 4. dig some holes through the plastic wrap with a knife or .. 5. microwave it for 3 minutes 6. unwrap it right away or wait 1-2 minutes before unwrapping it it's ready to eat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire You know an amp I have always wanted but never gotten around to buying is: I've had friends with them and they are great when bridged into monoblocks. I've almost bought one at least six times in the last 20 years, but just never pulled the trigger. Maybe I will this year. What's so great about it?
what comb to you use to comb your hair?
Kef 104/2 speakers Mirage 150i subwoofer Panasonic XR55 Receiver Samsung blueray DVD player
I tried out prince albert knot today.. it looks great for me.
I'll owe about $100K after finishing my PharmD. Many of you guys here are lawyers or going into law.
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