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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Get a gift certificate to a nice restaurant. Every couple likes that as a gift. Or, a fabulous bottle of champagne. We got one for our wedding and drank it on our first anniversary. they dont drink so champagne is out. not sure what gift certificate to get for them since i not want to spend more than $50 (i'm still a student).
Toyota MR2 or MR2 Spyder?
Quote: Originally Posted by isis I think a nice engagement gift would be something unique and which define's them as a couple. It should be something individual but at the same time the united concept should be there. I think a great engagement gift would be something simple like t-shirts which are similar or at least the concepts between the designs are connected. You can think of other things but it need not to be extravagant and expensive....
My two friends (also former classmates) are getting engaged. All of us are Asians. I'm invited and wonder what to give them on their engagement day. There's a meal at a restaurant after the engagement ceremony. I've never been to a friend's engagement before so any help would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kas Edit: oh darn, that's just 1.. I'd hit it.
How is the quality of Brook Brothers' ties? I like them b/c they are about the right size and thickness (not too thin and not too thick).
Quick question regarding the Grants: why are they so popular? maybe i'm missing something. what do you guys wear them with? suits? and for what occasions?
Please suggest a matching service website and share your own experience. Thanks.
BG - It's been almost 2 years, what has happened since? Curious to know.
Quick question: so if I wear AE Park Ave size 9D, which size of Polo/EG should I buy?
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