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How is the quality of Brook Brothers' ties? I like them b/c they are about the right size and thickness (not too thin and not too thick).
Quick question regarding the Grants: why are they so popular? maybe i'm missing something. what do you guys wear them with? suits? and for what occasions?
Please suggest a matching service website and share your own experience. Thanks.
BG - It's been almost 2 years, what has happened since? Curious to know.
Quick question: so if I wear AE Park Ave size 9D, which size of Polo/EG should I buy?
Is there a similar item for cheaper (e.g. $75)?
i enjoy using my Macbook i get better productivity with my thinkpad x31 I currently have both the macbook and the the ibm thinkpad x31. i use both depends on where i'm at. i bring the x31 with me to work, school, etc. b/c it's light and i love the nipple mouse (allows me to be more productive with my fingers than the trackpad). on the other hand, i keep my macbook next to my bed and use it in my pleasure time (surf the web, watch dvd, listen to music, radio, etc.) ...
I got a light blue one. I like the fabric (comfortable as someone already mentioned), but I do agree it's loose near the waist (I have a slim body). I'm not sure if washing it will shrink it a little... I might just return it. Oh well..
I picked one up today from Marshalls for $39.99. It looks really nice, but I don't know anything about this maker? Anyone?
What about Renton/Kent/Belleview area? I figure I can drive 10-20 minutes to Burien to work but don't have to live in Burien.
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