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I don't know how to swim but really want to learn how to swim. I'm thinking of joining a swim club or take lessons or something?. A major drawback i have is i wear glasses. For those of you wearing glasses, do you take them off/wear contact lens? Please advice.
Where can i get a free sample?
Do they have a store in Seattle with this sale?
Wow.. beautiful. I think when i come back to VN, i'll get myself a few pairs. Do you give them pictures of the shoes you want made or how does it work?
i think he meant oregon since he's coming from vancouver There's a nordstrom rack in downtown portland.
is it the picture or you really have long lower extremities.
I bet you she made up the big number to see how the guy responds.
I've found a lot of brand names here, but they're usually not in my size. Do you think I can make money on eBay?
Quote: Originally Posted by hi-val A box of really fine chocolates? A subscription to Harry & David's fruit of the month club? can you suggest some fine chocolates?
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Ivory chopsticks? I'm going to look into that I can find.
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