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Listening to a pair of Spica 50 now.
wow look at the spams.
I have a 5 month puppy (half chi half wire fox terrier) and he has separation anxiety every time I leave the house. He would cry and bark non-stop. I live in a studio so i'm worried that the neighbors will complain. Can you guys offers me advice as to what to do with him? This is my first dog.
Recommend me good tasting peanut butter that's not too salty? I'd like to eat it as snacks
Yeah that was my first thought too.
   Anyone recognize who makes this loudspeaker? It's a scene from the What Women Want (Andy Lau)
Looking for a waterproof NAU jacket in size medium. Might go snowboarding a few times. I'm not sure what model I want, so PM what you have, color, and price.
LVC Leather Jacket (S):
Moved to eBay:
Opinion on gotti eyewear?
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