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Was surfing on apartment therapy and found this painting or print: What is this type of painting print called? Any idea where I can buy it?
are these still available? do they shrink or stretch with wash/wear?
Very handsome Filson wool jacket in excellent conditions with no odors. Size Medium. Original owner moved to Arizona. Features inside zippered pocket, waist drawstring, and inside zip liner if you'd like to add on another Filson inside layer. I'll update actual measurements later. SOLD
More drops.. Samurai and RRL sold.
Price drops.
I checked out YSL La Nuit today and I liked it, but I also like Varvatos Artisan.. maybe a tad more.
All these jeans have selvedge. Price includes shipping in the USA. Don't ask me how many washes because I don't remember; look at the pictures. Due to light, the actual denim is darker than what appears in the pics. 1. APC Rescue 30 -- $80 > $OLD Waist 16.5x2 Inseam 31 Front Rise 12 Thigh 10.5 Knee 8.5 Hem 8.5 >> Pictures << 2. KMW 32x32 tag -- $80 W 32 I 32 FR 10 T 12 K 8.5 H 8 >> Pictures << 3. LEVI (LVC 501?) W 16x2 I 31 FR 11 T...
How about buying from Costco? I saw some nice ones there today. What do you guys think? $1100 vs.
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