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Where to buy the Zu speakers now? Looks like they have a new website and no option for ordering. http://www.zuaudio.com/
Netflix capable?
Can someone tell me about the quality of Zegna frames? Who makes them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 With the rise of deep discount sites like Groupon and the lowering of expendable income, I think its responsible to use a coupon for half off if you have one for a date night or something. Would a woman see this as cheap or responsbile? I have about a dozen of these things piled up and a birthday and valentines day is right around the corner... Don't do it on a first date.
Where can I buy that coat in the US site?
I'm interested in the Tuscan Leather TF too.. Send me a PM to remind me when it's available.
All sold.
Thanks... I used to own the T and X series. I loved them. I prefer Macbooks though
Thanks Geeks.. how's the Edge series? This is for a friend and she doesn't do anything more than surfing and Excel. She's currently using the R series.
New Posts  All Forums: