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Where can I buy that coat in the US site?
I'm interested in the Tuscan Leather TF too.. Send me a PM to remind me when it's available.
All sold.
Thanks... I used to own the T and X series. I loved them. I prefer Macbooks though
Thanks Geeks.. how's the Edge series? This is for a friend and she doesn't do anything more than surfing and Excel. She's currently using the R series.
Link? I'm looking for a 14" too.. which one?
My current setup: Apple Lossless library stored on WinXP (hidden in a closet) running Squeezebox Server > Squeezebox Touch via RCa to Power Amp > Speakers As you can see I don't have a dedicated pre-amp. To control the system I use the remote control that came with Squeezebox or via my Macbook (via remote connection to Squeezebox server on WinXP). Anything wrong with this set up? What's the weak link here? Will I get better sound with an outboard DAC? Thinking of...
For her birthday.. please rec a fragrance, especially if I can get it from Macys. TIA.
I've decided to keep.
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