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Just registered the domain name
Do it.. that sounds like an awesome job. You get to travel and meet a lot of people.
Got an offer for a pair in light oak for $700. I believe they still have the original panels. They look nice and clean. I understand the panels should be replaced in 15-20 years, but these are available and cost $1600/pair shipped from M&L. Is $700 still worth paying for a these with an age of 20-25 years? What else do I need to know about them?
I had the SB Touch. It's great when it worked, but it crashed once in a while and had to be restarted.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl FLAC (free lossless audio codec) This works with videos too? I'd like to extract both video and audio.
I have a lot of karaoke and music DVDs. What's the best way or program to use to extract these into hard drive without losing quality in audio (e.g. lossless)?
I have a pair of like new Levis LVC 1947 33x34 after shrinkage it's about 32x32. I'd trade for LVC tag 32x34 (basically a size smaller) or maybe some other jeans in 32" waist. APC NS in actual 32" waist?
Think I'm going to pull a trigger on a pair of Magnepan MMGs. I debated if I should get the Harbeths P3s, but MMGs are less than half the cost. Amplification won't be an issue with the MMGs. I listen to a lot of Jazz. Thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Lexus RX350 What an ugly car!
Where to buy the Zu speakers now? Looks like they have a new website and no option for ordering.
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