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Hi, Thanks for your advice.The wedding is at night in an air conditioned restaurant.
Thank you!As for switching out to another jacket, it's just to keep things interesting. The wedding will be in tropical area, and I prefer the white dinner jacket. I've been debating if I should just do the white dinner jacket throughout the event, but I have't found one that has a good fit for me yet. The bride will also be changing her dresses.
Hi, it's midnight blue.
Question: If I wear a white dinner jacket (with navy blue tux pants), do I still wear black cummerbund? The bow tie is black. Also what is marcella front you guys are talking about? I have no idea what it is even after putting into Google image. My wedding is coming up and I plan to wear midnight blue tuxedo (black bow tie/white or ivory picket square) for the beginning part of the wedding, then switch out the navy jacket to the white dinner jacket. Thoughts and...
Where can i buy these in size 9? It's sold out on their website.
Any ideas what this jacket is? or something similar to it?
Any recommendations for a good karaoke system set up? Buying separate mixer, home speakers, amp vs. buying PA powered speakers with mixer or with mixer built-in? Specific brands/models to look for would be great. TIA.
what tom ford model is this?
Those look great -- let us know if you find out what those are.
Where to buy this in the US or online?
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