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Hey all, I'm thinking of buying a new pair of Alden Indy shoes or Wolverine 1000 mile boots. Are there sales on these shoes often, or should I just pay full retail price. If there are sales, and recommendations on where to look?
Sorry repead post, disregard.
Hey everyone, I was thinking of purchasing these AE's... What types of clothing would you wear these with? Would they be suitable for jeans, khaki chinos, grey pants, etc? Thanks for the help!
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX Absolutely, pretty much any dress shoe can be worn with dress slacks and dress shirt. Suits should only be worn with dress shoes, the reverse is not necessarily true. Thanks for the reply James!
In general, can a nice pair of shiny cap toe oxfords be worn without a suit and just dress slacks and dress shirt? What are your thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by kraftar The way the shirt is pulling in the back I'd say it's the yoke. One thing to do is double-check your shirt measurements... both the measurements from the shirts you liked and the measurements from this shirt. This will help identify if anything is incorrect (e.g. the yoke or armhole are too small). Kraftar, thanks for your input. I have tried measuring the shirt that fits well and everything is pretty close....
Yeah, I know sorry about that. Don't have a decent camera to take higher res shots. In general, if a shirt is pulling in the upper arms and shoulder/armpit area when extending arms out, which measurements should be adjusted?? The chest and waist measure the same as a lot of my shirts that fit great so I don't think it's those. I'm thinking it may be the yoke, armholes, or sleeve width.
I forgot to mention that the customer service was excellent as well. Most times I sent an email I would get a response in less than 30 minutes.
I am always looking at this site for advice on MTM and appreciate everyones opinions. I felt like I would give back and share my experience on my first MTM shirt, and solicit feedback from some of you experts! I received my modern tailor shirt in the mail on Wednesday, and had ordered it the previous Monday and selected the expedited shipping. So a total of 8 business days or so. Disclaimer: I am not at all knowledgeable on some of the items I will describe so please...
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