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I sized down from 11 to 10.5 and they were a bit too big on me, so I returned them for a 10.
Quote: Originally Posted by Perfection I love your beautiful blue eyes but not as much as my jacket I'm not a leather jacket expert by any means, but this jacket looks amazing to me. That blue is just...
SOLD Hi everyone, I got the black moto from the recent TOJ sample sale, and unfortunately it's too tight in the arms for me, so here we are. Here are the measurements: s2s 18 p2p 20 mid 18.6 waist 18 front/back length 21.5/23.5 sleeve length 25 Asking $350 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one put on the jacket, zip it up, turn your fingers up and hold the ends of the sleeves and pull on them downwards on and off for awhile. You'll get at least a half inch out of that because the jackets are made inside out and when turned right-side out the sleeves take time to settle downwards. Thanks for the tip. How about for the sleeve width?
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl how tall are you/how much do you weigh? i was going to kop it but drew said itll be too big on me at 5'6 130pds I'm 5'11, 180 lbs. I'm pretty sure it'll be too big on you.
Will sleeves stretch out over time, or stay the same? Debating on whether I should keep or sell my leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by mattt That actually fits pretty well, looks perfect unzipped. Might want to lose a bit of the gut though if it feels uncomfortably tight zipped up. Yeah working on the gut haha, lost 60 lbs in the past year. I guess I have a little more motivation to lose 10 more.
I ordered the Moto in the sample sale and it came in today, but it feels too tight on me Can I get some opinions?
Payment sent on #10 & #14
Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted Black tie with a black shirt and a blue suit? If I may so bold as to say NFW. Sorry, meant to link the navy shirt, not the black one. It's for a wedding also.
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